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Detoxification Can Help You Lose Weight and Gain Health

woman feeling awesome after detoxification in Glen Ellyn, IL

When you think of detoxification, you may think of rehab clinics dedicated to helping people free themselves from substance abuse. But in fact, many of us are ingesting and carrying unhealthy substances in our bodies without even realizing it -- and over time, these substances interfere with normal metabolism, causing weight gain and a variety of other unpleasant effects. If you're tired of being achy, sluggish and overweight but you can't seem to shed excess pounds, you could be an ideal candidate for the detox services at Dupage Health & Wellness Center.

Modern living makes exposure to a variety of chemicals and other toxins almost inevitable. Industrial byproducts infiltrate our air and water, and these can impact your health when ingested; even beneficial substances like fluoride can inhibit the function of the thyroid gland. But perhaps the most insidious source of toxins (and at the same time, the one we have the most control over) is the food we consume. Processed junk foods and "convenience foods" combine high levels of refined carbohydrates, sugars, sodium and fat with chemical preservatives, coloring agents, flavorings and other additives.

The body stores these unwanted substances in your fat cells -- and that's bad news for your metabolism. Fat cells have a lot of trouble ridding themselves of these substances, which means they just collect more and more of them. This chemical imbalance can cause:

  • Thyroid hormone imbalances

  • Damage to energy-producing mitochondria in cells

  • Interference with the hormones that govern appetite

  • Weakening of the coenzyme that allows your body to burn fat, resulting in sluggish metabolism

If your body is chock full of such chemicals, then you might exercise until you drop and never bring your weight down to a healthy level. This opens the door to chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, organ problems, diabetes and other dangerous side effects of obesity.

Glen Ellyn Detoxification Services at Dupage Health & Wellness Center

Here at Dupage Health & Wellness Center, we have the tools, skills and experience needed to help you break the cycle of toxicity and obesity occurring within your body. Our 30 Days to Better Health Program is built around the Yoli Better Body System, a proven program that helps Glen Ellyn residents just like you boost your metabolism, normalize your hormonal balance and kick-start your fat-burning mechanisms.

We will start by evaluating your current health and weight. You'll then be placed on a variety of specialized shakes and other products designed to alkalize the body, optimize your internal health and provide you with plenty of high-quality, low-calorie protein. You can lose up to 15 pounds in the first week of this program alone. Even more importantly, you'll be restoring your metabolic balance and physical functions to optimal performance levels, after which we can guide your ongoing wellness through proper nutrition, diet and exercise. Call 630-469-1527 to learn more about our metabolic detox services!