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Glen Ellyn Reflexology Supports Organ Health and Wellness

Reflexology is a type of bodywork focused primarily on the feet. Reflexology treatment targets reflex areas in the feet that correspond with specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. By applying pressure to different parts of the feet, we stimulate a specific reflex area and promote health within the corresponding organs. Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves circulation, relieves pain and enhances whole body health. Many of our patients choose reflexology as a complementary therapy to their existing medical care, ranging from physical therapy rehabilitation to cancer treatments.

Reflexology Improves Circulation & Relieves Pain

A typical reflexology treatment at our Glen Ellyn, IL health and wellness center begins with a full assessment of your overall health. If you are already receiving other treatments through our practice, our reflexologist will review your treatment record to be sure your reflexology treatments complement and enhance your current program. A full consultation will include discussion of your lifestyle, health and wellness needs. Our reflexologist will also asses your feet and stimulate various point to identify which areas of tenderness or tension should be treated. Based on this information, our reflexologist will create a custom treatment session to best meet your needs.

Reflexology treatment is based on the belief that different parts of the feet correspond with different organs in the body. The arch of the foot, for example, is connected to the liver, pancreas and kidneys; the ball of the foot connects to the heart and chest; the heel connects with the low back and intestines; and the tip of the toes connects to the head.

Our reflexologist will start by rubbing the feet briskly to warm them up. Next, pressure will be applied from the toes to the heels, based on your treatment needs. While our reflexologist applies firm pressure to the feet, this bodywork should feel relaxing and comfortable. Areas that are tender or sore may benefit from additional bodywork and pressure to release this tension.

Reflexology is not the same as a foot massage. During a foot massage, a massage therapist will rub massage oil or lotion into the feet using gentle, gliding strokes. While both foot massage and reflexology should feel relaxing and comfortable, a foot massage is simply designed to relieve tension in the feet. Reflexology, however, is the purposeful application of pressure at specific reflex areas in the feet to benefit specific organs that are associated with health problems within a patient. Following a reflexology treatment, you should feel relaxed and calm – you may even feel sleepy! It’s not unusual for patients to fall asleep during a treatment session because reflexology therapy is so soothing. This is especially true if you have recently been dealing with stress and struggling to sleep at night.

Reflexology is a natural complement to chiropractic care and acupuncture treatments available through DuPage Health & Wellness. To learn more about how reflexology can enhance your health, call 630-469-1527 to schedule your free consultation with our IL chiropractor today!