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Swedish Massage

Dupage Health & Wellness in Glen Ellyn offers Swedish massages for relaxation and recovery.

Swedish Massage in Glen Ellyn

When most people think of getting a massage, they think of relaxing on a padded table, covered by a sheet while a massage therapist kneads away their stress. These types of massages are called Swedish massages, which are characterized by long, smooth hand-strokes and a light pressure. A Swedish massage in Glen Ellyn is the most relaxing type of massage available at our chiropractic office, and most people find it very beneficial.

How Swedish Massage Works

Swedish massage utilizes four distinct strokes, including effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement. Tapotement is a tapping motion rather than a stroke. This can be accomplished with the fingers or a cupped hand. The massage therapist may even opt to use the sides of the hands in a light, chopping motion.

Relaxing the soft tissues is accomplished by using the effleurage, which is a long, gliding stroke performed with light pressure. This type of stroke is generally used to conform the individual to the massage and start the relaxation process.

Relaxing the muscles is accomplished with the petrissage. This stroke encompasses all the kneading and squeezing motions.

The last type of stroke is called the friction. These are the circular movements. This stroke is used to increase circulation, loosen knots in the muscles and to break apart and restore the range of motion in scar tissue.

Benefits of Swedish Massage:

  • Facilitates Relaxation
  • Help with Muscle Injuries
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Reduces Headaches
  • Reduces Muscle Pain
  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Relieve Stress
  • Relieves Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Your Swedish Massage Appointment with our Massage Therapist in Glen Ellyn

Our chiropractic office in Glen Ellyn employs two licensed massage therapists, Phil Hinton and Kristin Munoz. Massages are performed with the client nude or partially nude. Their modesty is maintained with a sheet during the massage therapy session.

You will be asked to lay on the massage table. Oil or lotion will be applied to your skin in order to reduce the friction between the massage therapist's hands and your skin. If you are allergic to any perfumes or additives that might be in the lotion or oils, please let our massage therapist know at the time of your appointment or at the time you schedule your appointment so that we can make accommodations.

At the beginning of the session, our massage therapist will acclimate you to the feel of their hands either by pressing down on your back or performing a few long, smooth strokes. Once you are comfortable, our massage therapist will start kneading and stroking your skin, soft tissues and muscles in order to facilitate relaxation and reduce pain.

Massages typically last about 60 minutes. If any discomfort is felt, it is important to let our massage therapist know right away so that adjustments can be made for your comfort.

To schedule a Swedish massage in Glen Ellyn at our chiropractic clinic, call our office at 630-469-1527.