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Traditional Thai Massage in Glen Ellyn

We're happy to offer traditional Thai massage at our Glen Ellyn wellness center. If you live in DuPage County and suffer from stiff or sore muscles, poor flexibility, or aches and pains in your joints, Thai massage is an effective and relaxing way to alleviate these problems and improve your quality of life.

What Makes Thai Massage Different?

Thai massage Glen Ellyn DuPage chiropractorLike most ancient and modern massage styles, Thai massage incorporates multiple techniques from different medical, spiritual, and fitness-oriented therapies. However, traditional Thai massage stands out because it requires less intimacy and mess, and focuses on body movement rather than tissue manipulation.

Instead of removing your clothes and lying on a table, you'll wear loose-fitting clothing to your 60-minute session and lie on a mat on the floor. Thai massage doesn't require skin-to-skin contact or the use of oils and lotions, and rather than rubbing your muscles directly, we perform this massage over your clothing.

Relieve Pain and Improve Flexibility with Ancient Massage Techniques

Despite the name, traditional Thai message isn't exclusive to Thailand. It actually incorporates medical and spiritual techniques from several different countries and cultures, which are backed up by centuries of practice. At DuPage Health & Wellness Center, our Thai massage techniques are based on principles from the following traditions:  

  • Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic, alternative medical system developed by Hindu healers in ancient India. Ayruvedic treatments are designed to restore digestive, spiritual, and respiratory health, and they focus on different doshas, or energies, within your body. Thai massage incorporates Ayurvedic principles to improve the relationship between your tendons, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and other body parts responsible for movement and breathing.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine isn't just an alternative to Western medicine; it's a holistic approach that also makes a great supplement to modern-day treatments and medicines. Your physician or physical trainer may already give you advice inspired by TCM techniques, such as eating more antioxidants and focusing on the way different body parts affect each other.    

  • Acupressure, like acupuncture, involves the use of highly localized force on specific pressure points throughout your body. However, we don't use needles or any other invasive techniques to apply this force. Instead, we apply pressure with our hands and elbows, stimulating hundreds of different acupressure points to relieve pain and tension, restore balance, and improve your circulation.

  • Yoga is an incredibly popular exercise discipline. Thai massage borrows from a few different schools of yoga to achieve specific results. You probably associate yoga with group classes and solo sessions that require you to assume a variety of asanas, or specific poses. However, Thai massage involves assisted yoga asanas. Instead of asking you to follow along, we'll gently pull and bend your limbs to assume these asanas, which are designed to alleviate stress and improve flexibility.

Thai massage is an effective and relaxing way to stimulate your body's natural pain relievers and reduce stiffness, soreness, and poor balance. Schedule your Thai massage appointment today. 630-469-1527